Kai Semor

18. march 23 – 31. may 23
Kai Niederhausen, also known as "Semor" or "Semor - The Mad One" was born in 1982 in Waldbröl, South Westphalia. He currently lives and works in Cologne. With over 25 years of experience, he is considered amongst the leading German Graffiti writers and highly respected across all disciplines of the subculture. His artistic practice is focused on color application, intricate structures, composition, abstraction and contrast. His works, known for their minimalist yet expressive color contrasts, skillfully balance surface, line and form. Semor’s love for graffiti and deep connection with nature and the urban environment continually inspires him to discover new materials, pieces and graphic objects, which he incorporates into his works.

From March 18 on, his latest works from the "FluorSeries," which seamlessly blend abstraction and surface, will be on display at Slektion Gallery.