Simon Walter

boom boxes
8. july 23 – 15. september 23
In his artistic works, which he presents in his second solo exhibition at Slektion Gallery, Simon Walter (*1982 Heidelberg) combines his passion for illustration and motion design with influences from pop art and graffiti, inspiring him to create vibrant typographic image compositions. He creates artworks layer by layer using meticulously coordinated layers of screen-printed cardboard, MDF, and acrylic glass, reminiscent of futuristic film stills and distinguished by impressive depth. Fluorescent and vibrant colors, which harmoniously merge, enhance each other, or contrast, are present throughout all his works. Influenced by his work as a motion designer, Simon Walter incorporates elements from moving images, transferring them into a static image composition and thus capturing the moment. Movement is ubiquitous in his artworks and shapes his artistic expression.