Stefan Golz

waiting for the dawn / this is it
8. december 22 – 28. february 23
Stefan Golz is a German contemporary artist, illustrator as well as founder of creative studio and streetwear label Wemoto Clothing.

Born in 1977 in Bietigheim-Bissingen, Golz was educated by skate- and club culture during his teenage years. Inspired by skateboard artworks, cartoons, techno flyers and record covers he has created an artistic world of clear drawings and paintings.

His art and his designs, his signature style – minimalistic, black lines that seem to be simple but, in fact, they convey enormous expression as well as impression. Golz thematizes pop culture. Accompanying his life ever since, he transforms pop culture to the today’s era of postmodernism with sensitivity and charm. He pulls objects, landscapes and characters like Mickey Mouse or Snoopy out of their familiar environment and replaces them within an unfamiliar, new and plain setting. Golz loves simplicity. He sometimes draws colored works but thinks that his main
expression lies in the black-and-white. This makes him feel like getting closer to the heart of the motives.